Chris Kauffman

I used your 2000 goodwrench decals, and the red no bull number from your 1999 goodwrench 25th anniversary decals to build this car.

The decals from this car came from an early set of slixx decals the #47 Hawaiian punch buick of buddy baker slixx item number 1059/8447 Hawaiian Punch '84 BUICK The pioneer logo on the deck lid also came from this same set of decals as the car had several different sponsors that rotated around from time to time. The #8 came from the slixx set of numbers decals slixx item number1119/96NS-A NUMBER SHEET "A" The Gargoyles sunglasses came from a set of #3 goodwrench supertruck decals. Fender decals are also by slixx The paint is tru match #43 blue with the #30 tru match pearlescent clear added to the paint. The white is an automotive acrylic enamel which was sprayed first as a base for the neon red and the blue. All seams were filled on the is body the front and rear window bars are done with bare metal foil. The wheels were painted with metro valvoline blue and cleared with testors clear. The tires are a set of after market pre lettered tires from jaxx hobbies. The car was polished and then rubbed out with novus.

I used a #29 goodwrench revell monogram monte carlo kit, the car is built completely box stock. I used your 1999 #5 schneider national trucking decals to build the 2000 car. The car is painted with automotive acrylic enamel white and with MCW kelloggs orange as your sheet recomends. It was cleared with automotive two part acrylic enamel clae decaled then recleared again. It was then polished out to a smotth shine. I also used your 2002 chevy goodies sheet for the rear spoiler and cowl panel

2000 goodwrench monte carlo Kit used :Revell mongram Dale Earnhardt kit# 85-2585 Subject modeled Dale Earnhardt's 2000 Rockingham winner The interior of the car features a full wiring harness,a steering wheel radio "com" cable working racing harness and a working window net.The inside also features MSD ingition boxes with coils,and a handmade "Earnhardt bar"It also has fully detailed dashboard, and the metal line that houses the fuel line was also added to the passenger side of the chassis. The body features included are the opening roof flaps, and the decklid has been cut out from the body and a resin trunk structure was used on the underside of the trunk lid.The car also has photo etched hood pins, handmade spoiler rods on the rear of the decklid. The hood and deckid hinges are fully operational so the hood and decklid can be in either the up or down positon. The front grills were cut out and replaced with detail master screen.The body also has added support rods throughout the entire car. The trunk details include a fully detailed fuel cell with a fuel filter, the over flow tube and the metal filler tube.The rear end of the car is fully plumbed, with an actual belt on the rear end pulley. The car has rear braided brake lines to each wheel and the rotor hub assemblies were hand made except for the detail master drilled brake disc that were used. The rear end suspension on this car works, including the rear shocks and springs. The front of the car also features real front springs and working front shocks also. The engine compartment has all braided detail master water,oil and fuel lines and the appropiate fittings for each line. Each pulley has an actual belt, the pullies are from the kit with the kit belts removed and sanded round.The drisbutor was removed and replaced with a pre wired disbutor and the pug wires were ran to the correct plugs. The carberator has the throttle linkage added,and the bowls have been drilled out. The oil cooler was handmade from parts found in my junk box.The wheels had the lugs and suds removed as wellas the hubs and then they were sinply drilled out.

#6 Valvoline taurus the valvoline tarus is modeled after mark martins 2000 valvoline taurus. This car is revell/monogram kit,built box stock other than my usual suspension mods to lower the car to proper ride height. The decals are from slixx as wellas the tire markings. The car was painted with GM white and the valvoline blue sprayed over the white. It was then cleared and rubbed out with a polishing kit. I then buffed it with novus, then decaled.