Wayne Hebb

This is the 2003 CAT pontiac that i made from an idea a friend of mine gave me. Mostly eveything on this car was hand done, but i needed the Slixx decals to give it that finishing touch

These are photos of Matt Kenseth's 2002 Winston cup ride, along with a fictional Mark Martin alternate i did, baded off of the 1998 Eagle One car he won the winston in. All decals are slixx with the exception of the major sponsor logos, those are homemade.

This is my favorite drivers 2002 Winston Cup ride, in 1:18th scale. I have the smaller one done by Team Caliber, but i wanted this one. When i found out that no one makes Roush cars in 1/18 scale, i took it upon my self to make it. Contingencies are from slixx, major sponsors were homemade. I really enjoyed making this car. It was a challenge. I dont have the pictures of it, but i also have a custom Mark Martin action figure with the pfizer uniform to go with the car.

Keep in mind that all these Die Casts are 1:18 scale, mainly because Team Caliber, the distributor of Mark Martin's Die Casts, only makes 1:24 scales. Well, Personally, I enjoy 1:18 scale cars more than 1:24 scale, so I decided to make my own from scratch. Everything you see here started out as sanded down grey metal bodies, and progressed into what you see here. Also, I could not have completed these die casts without the superb quality of Slixx Decals, and a can of clear coat of course ;)