Black Gold/House of Kolors Paint Info


All Lacquer Paints Must Be Thinned With Acrylic Lacquer Thinner


Instructions for painting with House of Kolor Paints.

It is recommended that these paints be mixed with acrylic lacquer thinner. They are automotive paints that work well on plastic car models. If model is sprayed to wet lacquer can melt styrene plastic, and ruin your model. We recommend your air pressure be at 25 to 35 pounds on pressure.

Instructions for thinning acrylic lacquers (C) Clears and (K) Kandy's

All House of Kolor lacquer paints are sold in unthinned form. The user must thin by adding 200% (2 parts thinner to 1 part paint) with acrylic lacquer thinner. Suitable for temperature, humidity, condition in their own shop. Most of the time we recommend medium temp thinner.

Instructions for thinning (FBC or BC) Fine Metallic Bases, (KF) Kameleons, (KBC) Kandy Basecoat, (PWP) Pastels with Pizzizza,    (SG) Graphic  Solids, (PBC or BC) Designer Pearls, (NE) Neon's

All are sold in unthinned form, the user must thin 100% (1 part paint to 1 part thinner). We recommend med temp lacquer thinner color grade. Most modelers can achieve excellent results if a few basic instructions are followed. 1. Spray med wet coats. 2. Even coats, 3. Allow 15-20 minuets flash time between coats.

Instructions for painting

Apply a good automotive sandable lacquer base primer. Use our BG740 Spray can or airbrush our BGP primer, The primer is a protective coating for the plastic as well as a undercoat for lacquer paint. If you spray to heavy at first the thinner in the primer can melt its way down to the plastic and make it very soft. If this happens let dry out for a few days. Then try painting again. After the primer is dry, lightly wet sand if needed, to remove imperfections. Make sure not to sand through to bare plastic, if you do recoat with primer again. When you are satisfied with primer coat, select one of our base coats. Spray 2 to 3 coats of base until your model is covered. If you need to sand use the Black Gold BG2000 polishing kit to sand out imperfections if needed. I use 2400 or 3200 grit cloths to do this if needed. Remember that if you are putting Kandy on top of a base, you will see dust, lint, etc. in the base coat, through the kandy. If the base color is what you want as your final color, you can apply 3 to 4 coats of clear, let dry, and polish. If kandy is wanted spray until you achieve the shade you want, most of the time it will 3 or 4 coats. Remember the more kandy coats the darker the color will get. If you get dust, lint, etc. while spraying kandy, stop let dry and lightly wet sand out with 3600 or 4000 grit and recoat with kandy. Being careful not to end up with a light spot. After color coat is achieved, we recommend top coating with a good UV stabilized clear such as our C0101. This will protect the paint from the sun and fluorescent light, and provide a glossy surface to polish. Never wet sand on kandy's or pearls for final finish without clear top coating, if you have to sand recoat, then add clear. 

We sell the House of Kolor paint chip book, which shows each kandy over all 12 metallic bases. Our (PBC) Designer Pearls,  (PWP) Pastels with Pizzizza, and (SG) Graphic Solids should be used over white (BC2601) to match color chip book. (KF) Kameleons and (MB) Marblizers should be applied over black (BC2501) to match color chip book. All colors except kandys will dry dull and will need to be clear coated for the gloss you will want.

Kameleon Kolors Paint

Thin paint 100% (1 part paint to 1 part acrylic lacquer med temp thinner. Use over black BC2501 or black pearl, apply med wet coats 75% pattern overlap, in most cases 2 coats are enough for the paints effect. No direct sanding of Kameleons is allowed without recoating. Scratches on the pearl is permanent. Allow flash time between coats. Then clear with lacquer, let dry and polish with our polishing kit.

Marblizer Paints

Do not thin, as these are ready to spray. Use over black (BC2501) or black pearl (PBC4301) Then spray on marblizer on model, on one area example the side of the car, not the whole car. Allow 1 minute after application before applying saran wrap, freezer wrap, bubble pack, sponge, tin foil, etc. You only have minutes to lay saran wrap and remove it to achieve the marble look. One coat is all that is needed. wipe saran wrap with your hand, or wrinkle stuff up, then apply to model, then pull off. If the you did not get the look you wanted, spray again and put wrap on again and remove. Let marblizer dry for 20 or so minutes before spraying kandy on top. Then clear coat whole model and polish when dry. Neutral marblizer add dry pearls and flakes to make custom colors.

Dry Pearl Powders and Flakes

All dry pearls are lead free automotive grade pearls. Add to any of these kandy's or clear for special effects. These pearls and flake are small and pass through the nozzle of an airbrush. They work equally well in water, enamel, acrylic based systems. Pearls and flakes will not hide the base color beneath it. It will produce different effects when sprayed over different color bases. These can be used in the base coat, color coat, or clear top or all 3 for special effects. Over a dark base they exhibit ,intense pearlescent color matching their reflection color, (see House of Kolor chip book). Only a small amount is needed, we recommend spraying a sample to see how much pearl you have mixed and to see the color you are getting. When using in the clear coat use in first coat only, followed by 2 or 3 coats of plain clear. I paint empty dr pepper cans for samples, than toss out when I get what I want.

SG100 Intercoat clear

This clear is designed as a protective clear for artwork on tape out on base coat. Use only when topcoating with urethane enamel. SG100 clear prevents the tape from marking or pulling the metallic or pearl during layouts, and allow clean up of mistapes. It also prevents wrinkling and splitting when topcoated, providing a minimum of medium coats only has been applied. Do your art tapeouts, spray, and remove tape as soon as possible to reduce tape marks and adhesive tracks. SG100  may be used to blend pearls, and metallic base coats, you mix pearl and kandy koncentrates, and to cut the base for touchups and blends. Do not apply SG over catalyzed urethane enamel products.

SG100 Mixing, stir prior to use, as separation of ingredients will occur. Mix 2 parts of SG100 to 1 part reducer. Use a fast drying reducer such as RU310 or fast dry as your conditions allow. No catalyst is required. Apply 1 to 2 med wet coats, after the last coat of base has flashed, with 50% spray pattern overlap. Gun distance while spraying should be approx. 6 inches. Air pressure at the gun should be 40-50 psi. Allow flash time between coats and approx. 1 hour before taping( tape time will vary with weather and shop conditions. In many instances SG100 may be taped in less than 30 minutes. Always allow flash time between coats. Do not apply more than 4 coats of SG100, it is not designed for high build. If 1 hour of dry time has elapsed, lightly sand with 500 or 600 grit wet sandpaper to insure proper adhesion of top coats. Do artwork with a minimum of tape contact and remover quickly.


(BC & FBC) metallic bases, (BC & SG) solid base's, (KBC) kandy basecoats, (PWP) pastels with pizzazz, (NE) neons, (PBC) designer pearls, ALl bases can be intermixed for custom colors. All can be topcoated with kandy koncentrates or clear for the final finish. They may be topcoated with lacquer or urethane enamel. Once a system is chosen use only products within that systems. Intermixing of these two systems, after the base coat is not recommended. Example if base is topcoated with lacquer kandy, it must be cleared with lacquer clear. It is recommend to prime with epoxy primers.

Mixing Bases

Stir base well, reduce 1 part paint to 1 part reducer for airbrush and 2 parts paint to 1 part reducer for big spray gun. Mix well and only with House of Kolor reducer. No catalyst is required for these paints. Cracking is possible when using other brands of reducer or using a reducer that is too slow for your shop conditions. After reducing spray at 50-60 psi for gun and 30 to 35 for airbrush. Apply 2 to 3 med. wet coats to cover. All bases will dry dull and should feel dry to the touch before next coat is applied. Do not dry spray or lack of adhesion is possible.

Artwork & intercoat Clear

Designer pearls and graphic solids are excellent choice for artwork paint jobs. Do not tape directly onto base coat. If using SG, or BC you can tape on but works better if you will spray 1 or 2 coats of intercoat clear to protect from tape marks, and mistapes. Sand with 600 grit wet for improved adhesion. Do not sand on metallic or pearl bases directly, if you do recoat. Or apply SG100 clear if sanding is required. Caution: Bases do not have any chemical resistance until cleared. Final wash solvents will remove basecoats. Use water for cleanup. All bases, designer pearls, graphic kolors etc. must be topcoated with urethane clear.

Designer pearls, pastels with pizzazz, and neons must be applied over white (BC26) and can be clear topcoated or add kandy's pearls, etc. then clear. Can be intermixed for custom colors, and can be used as ground coat. You can use a factory white or jelcoat by sanding with wet 600 grit and the painting.


Kameleon kolors are revolutionary new base coat that actually changes color depending on the angle from which it is viewed. These are very easy to apply. All Kameleons must be cleared. Should be applied over black (BC25). Mixing is 1 part paint to 1 part reducer for airbrush or 2 parts paint to 1 part reducer for spray gun.


A wide range of effects can be achieved using this unique coating, from a deep marble appearance to a snake skin appearance. Many effects are open to innovative painter. Marblizers work best over (BC25) black or (PBC43) black pearl base. No thinning is required for marblizers. See tech sheet for more details.

Dry Pearls and Flakes

These can be added to any paint, lacquer, enamels, water base product, acrylic based paints, and can be added to kandy's and clears. We recommend spraying a sample to see how much pearl or flake you have mixed, before painting your project.


House of Kolor Paint in Black Gold 5 oz. aerosol cans. With adjustable fan spray, like a professional gun. For use on Plastic Models, Fiberglass, Metal, Wood, Ceramics, Lexan RC Bodies. 

Kandy's, Designer Pearls, Neons, Marblizer, Graphic Solids, Adhereto, Fine Metallic Bases, SG100 Clear, and Clear with Flakes and Pearls. 

 How to apply our paints:

Paint tips: The is NO UV Protection in the SG100S Clear, this clear will not hold up well in outside sun conditions.

Marblizer needs to be sprayed over BC25S Black for best results. Other dark colors will work. but the effect won't be as much. Spray 1 med coat then wait about 20 to 30 seconds and apply plastic wrap and move around waiting 10 to 20 seconds then remove. Other materials can be used for different effects. Marblizer can be top coated with (K) Kandy's for color.

Applying (K) Kandy's the more coats you spray the darker the color gets. You may have spray 5 or 6 coats to get the color wanted. Kandy's can be applied over PBC Designer Pearls for special effects. Example 1 coat of Apple Red Kandy over orion silver metallic. Then spray 1 or 2 coats of our SG1UMF2 cle

ar with ultra mini silver flake, the apply 2 more coats of Apple Red Kandy. You will know have red flake. Remember Kandy's are transparent.

Clears with flake or pearls will need to have 3 to 4 coats of SG100S clear applied over the flake, so there will be enough clear to polish and not get into the flake or pearl. If you get trash in any coat, stop let dry for 20 minutes and sand with 3600 cloth and recoat.

Lexan bodies must be free of oil, dirt, etc. You must apply HOK Adhereto AP01S adhesive promoter before painting. Adhereto is a clear adhesive primer providing a bond for topcoats. Apply first coat light and a second med light coat. Product dries in 5 to 10 minutes and is ready for top coats.   SG100S clear will offer little protection from fuel. For best results on lexan apply urethane clear over paint to protect from fuel spills.